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About our practitioners

Our practitioners are Registered Nurses, dually licensed as Massage Therapists. They have trained for several different massage modalities, including Medical Massage, and Orthopedic Massage.

Our founder, Tina Michaud-Gray, RN, LMT, SILC, CH, developed our proprietary noninvasive Rapid Recovery System. As an Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Practitioner, her work has taken her all over the country, and she is recognized among her peers as a trailblazer in pain relief, recovery from injuries, surgical healing, and even chronic illness.

Tina has over twenty years of clinical experience in addition to extensive training and education. Her state-of-the-art method focuses on using the biomechanical adaptations a body makes to determine the true source of pain and inflammation in our non-surgical patients. Discovering and treating the origin of the problem with her science-based system gets our patients back on the field, back to their jobs, and back to their normal lives much quicker than traditional methods.

Each patient’s biomechanical, nutritional, emotional, environmental and pharmaceutical state are assessed, and we create an individual treatment plans to meet each client’s unique profile that form a proven method to reduce pain and accelerate healing after an injury, illness or surgery.

Tina has shared the benefits of her system with everyone from young children and teens to working adults, professional athletes, and even seniors – including our most deserving veterans and also terminally ill patients. She is passionate about ending pain in her patients and speeding their recovery.

About our service

Come to us, or we can come to you! Our main office is in Dover, NH – one hour from Boston, MA, Portland, ME and Manchester, NH. We also offer Saturday and Sunday appointments in our Amesbury, MA office. We accept flex spending!

Tina Michaud-Gray

Integrative Pain and Rehabilitation Specialist, RN, LMT, SILC,CH 
(603) 743–4885 
Licensed in NH and Mass