The services that Tina provided after my surgery were unparalleled. Tina came to our home and ensured my comfort, provided a remote control elevating pillow, sound therapy, an electron therapy pad and cold laser treatments. My healing occurred faster than I expected. Tina’s system reduced pain and swelling, allowing me to move around and be off of the narcotics and manage with over the counter pain medicine. I was able to care for our young child and my husband was able to return to work. At my post-operative appointment, the doctor was stunned at how well I could move around and how quickly my body was healing. In hindsight, I wish I had utilized Tina for the ride home from the hospital, when the pain was unbearable. I would highly recommend Tina for anyone who is recovering from surgery.

Melanie M. (Myomectomy surgery)  Nottingham, NH