I met Tina through my mother and sister. I am a physician assistant and my 76 year old mother decided to try New England Rapid Recovery after she had a bilateral breast reduction surgery. My mom wanted to try the program because my sister had great results a year earlier with a recovery from a myomectomy.

I was thoroughly impressed with the Rapid Recovery results with my mother. The bruising was substantially gone within one week. My mother was able to stop pain medication within about 4 days. I was surprised at how quickly my mother was able to get up and start to care for herself. I had planned on helping my mother recover for two weeks and she really only needed me for one week.

Tina also helped support my mother through this process with her caring attitude and willingness to come the day we were home from surgery. Tina and her services truly live up to the name of her program – New England Rapid Recovery.

M. SoulePA-CNH