Tina is excellent at what she does. She takes the time and discusses issues with you prior to any hands on treatment. She took care of a problem I was having in my left trapezius area for very long time. No one could seem to get that done. I found Tina in the phone book probably ten years ago. We talked about what was going on, not only with the part of my body I needed help on, but with what was going on with me personally that may be causing that issue. She worked on my problem area doing deep tissue work, and I’ve had no recurrence of symptoms.

I also got treatment from Tina post-operatively. I had a cervical discectomy and fusion on 10/31/12. She did cold laser therapy on the surgical site, as well as using the electron therapy pad, and the sound frequency therapy, which are painless, but amazingly effective. I am thrilled by how quickly I have healed due to this treatment. My husband sought treatment from her several years ago for neck and trapezius issues. My son went to her for a regular massage treatment. They both absolutely loved her.

I appreciate that she continues her education and is knowledgable, and using, the most current treatment methods. I am so confident in Tina’s abilities that I would not hesitate to send anyone to see her.

Jeanne LSomersworth, NH